D.I.Y Disaster

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Excuse the hair!

The long black days – when I look at these photos now I don’t even recognise myself. It looks like a wig!

How many times have we heard the stories. Girl decides to dye her hair at home to save some money. Hair does not come out looking like the picture on the box. Girl ends up paying far more than she would have in the first place to fix self dyed hair…

Believe me, I’ve been there. Not just once, but several times throughout the past 10 years. I just never seemed to learn my lesson. I have now. In fact the events of August 2016 have put me off hair dye forever!!

Since the first box of  semi-permanent auburn hair dye, I have had every hair colour going. At University I decided to go black and at the time I loved it. However, I was the worst kind of hair offender because as the summer approached I would want to go lighter and so every few months an expensive trip to the hairdressers to desperately strip and bleach my hair would take place.

Eventually I got sick of this, cut my hair short and settled on brown. This meant I could

I loved my hair when I first went short. It was a healthy, warm brown. It would even look good when I woke up!

use semi-permanent brown dyes on my hair at home and with regular hair cuts it would look pretty good. In August, for whatever reason I decided to pick up a ‘dark brown’ shade. Well, as I dried my hair I soon realised I was back to black. In twenty minutes, my hair had transformed into the old me. And I did not appreciate it!!

In a panic, I drove straight to my local Superdrug and purchased a box of Colour B4. If you ever find yourself reaching for this on the shelf. DON’T! It is the most horrific product I have ever used! At the time though, I had seen their ambassador Katie Price swear by Colour b4 saying it was the easiest way to remove the black dye from her hair. I’m ashamed to admit that I was totally suckered in by the celebrity endorsement!

I followed the instructions on the box fully. I did everything I was supposed to do. Let me just say that I have never smelt anything like this in my life! Colour b4 honestly smells like chemicals, garbage and donkey piss all combined and set on fire. Awful. At the time I thought that this was temporary and obviously accepted that as it was stripping my hair it would have to be somewhat invasive. However, this smell lingered for over two weeks and no amount of washing could remove it!!!! The first box removed a fair amount of the black but there was still some in the ends of my hair so I went and bought another one. God only knows why! I applied this mainly to the ends and the final result was a fairly boring brown with just a hint of warmth. Perfectly acceptable.


Frazzled and kinky despite being my natural colour – the result of too much heat!

After the first wash though, I noticed my hair get darker and after the second wash it was pretty much back to the original black. After one more box of Colour b4 (I honestly don’t know what was going through my brain) I threw in the towel and went to the hairdressers. The consultation didn’t take long. They wouldn’t touch my hair with a barge pole given the damage the product had done. The ends were frazzled, the hair felt weak and there was no way they would do anything but cut it for me. So I was left with one option…leave it alone!

Since then, I have not dyed my hair again. I have decided my colour days are behind me and it’s finally time to embrace nature. But one impact I’m still dealing with is breakage. A large amount of hair to the right of my crown and along the parting has broken off. By large I mean it is 100% noticeable and not just a few loose hairs.

To put this story into perspective, it’s now been a year and a half since I dyed my hair.


This photo was taken 2 months after the previous one. The difference in length and condition is vast but I still have a way to go.

Yes, the dye has all grown out. No, I have not dyed it at all since. But let me be clear, the damage is still so bad that people often comment on it. It was one thing to stop dying it, but I was still mistreating my hair with heat and hair ties. So, at the start of this year, I made the decision to stop blow drying and learn how to french braid. It’s the best thing I’ve done throughout this whole ordeal! My hair has grown so much in just a month and feels so much better. There’s still a way to go, but I can now see an end in sight.

I won’t lie, I’m planning on begging my lovely hairdresser Amy to let me put a few blonde highlights in. But that’s where it stops. 2018 is the year of healthy hair!

So ladies and fellas, if you’re thinking of using Colour b4 or any other at home stripper, spare 2 years of stress and call a professional. In the end, what seems like the cheap option tends to end up costing a lot more in the long run!



Full Coverage Foundation


BLOG3Forget the ‘no makeup makeup look’ I am all about that flawless skin. Sometimes I think i was a Drag Queen in a past life…

Don’t get me wrong there are days when I want my skin to look like skin *lie* but on a night out I want it to be long-lasting and matte with a silky finish. I’ve dabbled with the likes of Double Wear and Studio Fix but no foundation has ever compared to Marc Jacob ReMarcable!

This foundation is stunning. At £37 for just 22ml it is on the pricier side but the results are worth every penny. I apply a few dots across my face and blend using a Real Techniques buffing brush and in seconds it’s like I’m wearing a mask! If you want a slightly lighter application, try using a damp Beauty Blender.

Not only does this foundation provide full coverage, it is long lasting and works as the perfect base for the rest of my makeup. I have also found that it photographs beautifully. One important thing to remember if you are going to be wearing it in photos is to make sure you blend down the neck and over the ears. Any uncovered areas will look particularly red or uneven against their painted counterparts.

I have the shade golden beige and it is perfect for when I have a freshly applied tan. The shade range isn’t exactly expansive so if you’re unsure make sure to go to a counter and get matched! It does piss me off that in 2018, big beauty brands are still refusing to cater for all skins. I am a massive fan of the Rihanna Fenty Foundation for this reason amongst other things, unfortunately like so many others, I’m pretty sure it breaks me out when I wear it regularly!

Have you ever tried this foundation? Are there any drugstore dupes you can recommend? Let me know in the comments!


She’s backk…

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So after making endless promises to keep up to date with blogging, things kind of went South. Oh dearrr

Important life lesson learned…stop making resolutions!

The reason? There isn’t one. The excuse? I’ve got plenty of those! But I shan’t waste my time typing them up because ultimately, who actually cares? In a world in which Donald Trump is now President and we’ve long since moved on from the iphone 4 (see my ‘Contact’ page) my blog isn’t exactly a major concern!

‘BLOGGING IS DEAD’…hear it all the time. In fact, I’m guilty of dropping it myself a few times over the past couple of years. But why do I do it? Because I enjoy writing, because it’s therapeutic and because it makes me feel more productive than just watching back to back episodes of Fresh Meat on Netflix (total favourite at the moment).

Every few months I go through a ‘what am I doing with my life!? moment’. In September I decided to move across the country. This time, I’m going to start small and try and get back into blogging.

Basically this is just my, I’m blogging again blog post. See you tomorrow for my first official one (I scheduled it..profesh)


Thanksgiving Holiday

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PB250373I was in New York last week on holiday with my family. It was such a lovely trip and we got to do and see so many amazing things that I thought I’d share some photos with you.

There’s no denying that as a makeup addict Sephora was the real pinnacle of the trip for me and of course there will be plenty of exciting product reviews and looks on the blog soon!






















Sophie xoxo

Introducing Wilbur


This is just a quick post for anyone who loves looking at cute dog photos as much as I do. We picked up our new puppy Wilbur yesterday, he is a Spanish Water dog just like our six year old Alfie. I’m completely dog crazy so it’s beyond exciting to be going back through the training process and having another ball of fluff to cuddle. Of course, I’m not looking forward to the suspicious puddles and early mornings but it’s so worth it to have a lovely new member of the family! He’s already had to have a bath and is causing endless amusement, but Alfie is totally not sure about him so any tips anyone has to help them get along would be much appreciated!!

Sophie xoxo

Lemonfest 2015


I went to Lemonfest this weekend with some friends and their family and it was so much fun! The festival was held at Newton Abbot Racecourse in Devon and of course there was plenty of cider flowing. I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked but I always think ‘the less pictures the more fun you must have been having’… 


Festival hair inspiration

Sophie xoxo

Lush Lip Scrub


So my mum brought the Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub home for me yesterday and I’m loving it.

Although I’ve had a few products from Lush in the past, I tend to avoid venturing into shops because put simply, the overwhelming smell gives me a headache. But I do buy from them online and have always been impressed with the service and product quality. As an animal lover,  I really love their ethical stance and think they are pioneers in the beauty industry in this sense, which definitely influences my decision to shop with them.

A few years back I owned the Bubblegum lip scrub and loved it, but that’s long gone and for some reason I just never got round to repurchasing it. I don’t suffer with very dry lips, as I mentioned in my Boring Beauty post, so this isn’t something I particularly needed, definitely more of a want. Nonetheless, I will say it is very good at what it does, my lips instantly felt smoother after the first use and it will no doubt last for ages.

The only thing I dislike about this is the taste, I know that Lush say it’s safe to eat, but it’s honestly like rubbing salt on your mouth, so I wipe it off with a face cloth and rinse with water. But other than that, it’s great and particularly useful on days when you want to wear a bright lip. At just £5.50 for 25g, the Popcorn Lip Scrub is a total steal.

Sophie xoxo

The Glamour Beauty Box


I haven’t blogged in a few days, mainly because I’ve been surrounded by important deadlines. But I ordered a beauty box a while back and it’s just arrived, so I thought I’d share my first impressions.

Over the years I’ve managed to avoid the temptation to sign up for monthly beauty boxes, because I always worry that they will start out amazing and slowly reduce to cheap samples that aren’t really worth the value. But I was finally won over by a Facebook deal that offered a years subscription to Glamour Magazine as part of the deal.

With a value of £99, at just £14.44 the box was a steal! You can get one for yourself here: http://www.latestinbeauty.com/glamour/

It arrived promptly and in a rather nice box that I will most likely use for makeup storage of some kind. Inside was an array of beauty and skincare treats. I haven’t had a chance to test them all out yet but I will say that I overall I am very impressed. I can’t wait to use the Nuxe face mask and having recently had my hair lightened, the Moroccanoil intense hydrating hair mask has come at the perfect time!

Having tried the Rimmel Oh My Gloss! Lipgloss I have decided to give it to my mum, simply because the one I received was a shade she will get more use out of and to be totally honest, although it is a lovely non-sticky formulation, I only really tend to wear Tanya Burr and NARS lipglosses, most the time I stick to lip pencil/lipsticks.

The real standout product from the Glamour Spring Edit Beauty Box is the Kiko long lasting stick eyeshadow. It is incredible! Having never used any Kiko products before I wasn’t sure what to expect. One swatch and I was sold. You can see from the pictures that it has a lovely pigment whilst still blending easily. And they aren’t lying about the water resistance, it took ages to scrub it off my hand, having worn it for a day I can say that it does not budge from the lids and is super easy to apply and blend. It also makes an amazing base for shadows. Total winner!

Left: blended out Right: swatched

Left: blended out Right: swatched

Other products included in the Glamour box include: ModelCo. creme-rouge cheek& lips, Beauty UK high-brow kit, An Elie Saab perfume sample, Revlon colourstay gel envy diamond top coat and colourstay gel envy longwear nail enamel.  

Considering these are all full size products (excluding perfume sample) this is great value for money, not to mention the year subscription to Glamour magazine which I cannot wait to start receiving! So, if you’re thinking about getting one I’d act fast, a deal this good is likely to go quick, just remember that the shades you receive may vary from those pictured in this blog post.

Sophie xoxo

Face Mask Friday


I’ll be handing in my dissertation very soon and it got me thinking about stress relieving products. I don’t tend to get stressed in the typical ways that others do, normally I’m not even aware of it until afterwards. But one thing I do see a noticeable difference in is my skin. It can look very dull and in need of something more than the usual routine provides. So, when that happens I reach for Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. This is by far the best face mask I have ever used! It’s formulation is smooth and easy to both apply and remove meaning it isn’t totally time consuming. As someone who has very sensitive skin, (my cheeks have been known to burn under the pressure of some products) I have had no problems with this mask. Here’s how I like to apply it…

1. Put a warm flannel over my face for about 30 seconds to open up the pores

2. Spread the product across the face (avoiding the eye area)

3. Set a timer for 15 minutes (although I often remove it before this depending on how quickly it dries

4. Run a flannel under warm water once again and use to wipe away the mask in a circular motion

5. Once the mask has all been removed, I like to splash my face with cold water just to make sure everything has gone

I’m really interest to try more from the Origins range of face masks so let me know if you have any recommendations of these or other brands.

Origins face mask pictured alongside: La Roche Posay thermal spring water, No7 cleanser, hydraluron moisture jelly

Sophie xoxo

The Naked Dupe You Need


The Urban Decay Naked Palettes have become a firm favourite amongst beauty lovers across the world in the last few years, and with good reason! The colours, payoff and longevity of their eyeshadows easily match up to their MAC counterparts. Personally I own the original Naked Palette and The Naked Palette 3, I haven’t yet felt the urge to buy number 2 but I suspect at some point I will, mainly just to complete the collection!

As new eyeshadows have joined my collection, the NPs became somewhat unloved. It wasn’t until I spotted a couple of dupes whilst browsing in Superdrug that I really gave them a second thought.

The Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette 3 is almost identical to the Naked Palette 3 and at just £4 a complete bargain!! I couldn’t resist buying it to see how it compared and it did not disappoint. There are a couple of noticeable differences in that the pigment isn’t as strong so it does require a little more work from your brush. Also, there is a definite amount of fallout, which is easily removed, but a pain nonetheless. Finally, the lightest shade is not really worth bothering with, it has hardly any colour payoff at all. Both palettes come with brushes but steer clear of the cheap, sponge applicators of the Revolution palette, they’re rubbish.

L-R: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart

L-R: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart

Comparison: Revolution Palette - shades have no name

Comparison: Revolution Palette – shades have no name

Sophie xoxo