Green Gimmicks?

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If you’ve ever found yourself at a Barry M stand you might have spotted their green lipstick – Genie. If you went one step further and swatched the Halloween green product you will have discovered it actually transpires to be a rather bright shade of pink. I bought this lipstick a few years ago, don’t ask why it was just one of those weird impulse buys with a budget friendly price tag of just £4.49. It now lives at the back of the bottom draw of my Muji storage because it is a far brighter shade of pink than I would go for (think Barbie!) 

About a month ago I got my hands on the Lipstick Queen lipstick in Frog Prince. This has the same green to pink principles as the Barry M one but with a very different result. I had been wanting to try the Lipstick Queen range for a while but my deep love of MAC lipsticks always seemed to prevent this. The verdict? I really, really like this lipstick! Providing a subtle soft pink sheen, Frog Prince is seriously moisturising without being at all sticky and leaves a soft pink stain on the lips.

The idea of Frog Prince is that it adapts itself based on your pH and skin tone (as does Barry M Genie), so in theory it should be the perfect pink for everyone. At £22 this isn’t cheap for what it is but I know I will make maximum use of this because it is such a wearable colour. I love that it is so easy to wear you don’t have to bother with a mirror. Also the shade it applies is pretty much the finished result as oppose to Genie which slowly develops from barely there to shocking pink.

On Application Left: Frog Prince Right: Genie

Left: Frog Prince Right: Genie

Have you guys ever tried any Lipstick Queen makeup and if so what do I need? Enable me, please!

Sophie xoxo


The Multicoloured Dream Powder

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Colour correcting products can be either life changing or totally awful – leaving you with some serious Wicked Witch of the West undertones – but I’m always fascinated to try new ones out.

 I came across the Makeup Academy Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder whilst browsing in Superdrug the other day. At £4 it seemed worth a go. The powder is divided up into four sections; yellow, purple, green and a golden colour. The idea is that these colours will counteract any unwanted colour you may have in your natural skin tone. So if you have very red skin, the green element will correct this. Although the product says you can use it by itself, personally I have been sticking to using it as a powder to set my makeup. Normally, I use the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder which I absolutely love but this new addition might just replace that.

What I love most about the Pro-Base powder is that it neutralises my foundation colour as oppose to altering it. Certain face powders can mattify skin beautifully but at the expense of an orange or yellow tone. Pro-Base leaves the skin looking semi-matte, holds makeup in place and keeps any redness at bay. I love it!

Sophie xoxo