Face Mask Friday 2

beauty, skincare

I recently did a first impressions style post on the Glamour Spring Edit Beauty Box which you can read here. One of the products I received in this was the Nuxe Paris Masque Crème Fraîche, a 24hr soothing and rehydrating fresh mask. At £18.50 for a 50ml tube, this product falls into the middle-ground in terms of pricing but is a great option for those looking for something to calm their skin.

What it does -Masque Crème Fraîche is for the face and eye contour areas and  according to Nuxe ‘this mask quenches the thirst of the driest skin types, it intensely soothes the skin for an immediate “SOS rescue” effect on skin discomfort.’ Essentially, this mask is there to nourish and moisturise the skin as oppose to the traditional deep cleanse you might expect from a generic face mask. If you are someone who worries about certain ingredients this product is free from mineral oils, although personally I have never been overly concerned by this.

How to use it – I apply this all over a clean, dry face and leave on for the recommended 10 minutes, although you can definitely leave it on longer with no nasty side effects. The thing I love the most about this face mask is that it doesn’t dry onto your skin like others do. It’s formulation feels like you are applying a light moisturiser so you don’t need very much at all as it spreads so easily. After the time is up I use a warm flannel to gently remove the product.

The results – Nothing dramatic, just an overall clean feeling without the dryness of other face masks. My skin definitely looks and feels softer immediately after using this. I think it will be an excellent addition to my skincare collection when my face inevitably falls victim to the British Summer. Hopefully it can live up to its promise to calm redness, I’ll keep you posted.                           Sophie xoxo