The Highlights

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Day or night, I’m all about a highlight! These days I tend to skip blusher in favour of a contour/highlight combination. Previously I was using the infamous Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer from theBalm but at £17.50 it isn’t cheap and if I’m being honest I find it a bit much. I feel like it works a lot better on a pale complexion as it can look a little ashy with a tan. Having said that, it is amazing for brightening the eye area on the brow bone and inner corner! So what have I replaced it with?

Makeup Revolution Highlighter Pink Lights– I spoke about this highlighter in a post about Makeup Revolution products which you can read here. Basically it’s great for adding a bit of colour without using blush, is suitable for a wide variety of skintones and is incredibly easy to apply. I love this with a full coverage foundation as it helps put a bit of colour back into the skin without being overpowering. It photographs nicely which is a bonus if you want to wear it on a night out but most importantly it costs a grand total of just £3.00. Makeup Revolution does it again!!

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder – A while back I wrote a blog post on my favourite face powder from Makeup Academy which you can read here. Since that discovery I’ve been intrigued to try more from the brand and with prices starting at a mere £1.00 it’s become impossible to ever leave a Superdrug store empty handed! This highlighter is the perfect ‘glowy skin’ product. The golden hues compliment tanned skin perfectly but can also work well on a pale complexion if applied lightly. The quality of the packaging far exceeds the £3.00 price tag as it is incredibly robust (I should know, I’ve dropped it on more than one occasion) and the product itself is beautifully designed to stop you going overboard with your brush.

This is by no means a comparison of the two products as they are very different. In my opinion they are equally as good in terms of the quality of makeup and value for money. I like Pink Lights for the cool pink undertones and I like Undress Your Skin for its golden shimmer. For me these two highlighters are the only options I really want on a daily basis in order to mix and match without needing thousands of products. Do you lean towards more expensive highlighters or are you more of a blush kind of person? Let me know!

Sophie xoxo

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The Multicoloured Dream Powder

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Colour correcting products can be either life changing or totally awful – leaving you with some serious Wicked Witch of the West undertones – but I’m always fascinated to try new ones out.

 I came across the Makeup Academy Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder whilst browsing in Superdrug the other day. At £4 it seemed worth a go. The powder is divided up into four sections; yellow, purple, green and a golden colour. The idea is that these colours will counteract any unwanted colour you may have in your natural skin tone. So if you have very red skin, the green element will correct this. Although the product says you can use it by itself, personally I have been sticking to using it as a powder to set my makeup. Normally, I use the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder which I absolutely love but this new addition might just replace that.

What I love most about the Pro-Base powder is that it neutralises my foundation colour as oppose to altering it. Certain face powders can mattify skin beautifully but at the expense of an orange or yellow tone. Pro-Base leaves the skin looking semi-matte, holds makeup in place and keeps any redness at bay. I love it!

Sophie xoxo